Bullet Journal

One thing that I have struggled with recently is productivity so as a new start to the year I have decided to start a bullet journal. The bullet journal society is massive so finding ideas was very easy. It so far has really helped me track all my habits and set all my goals for the future.

I have decided to list my set up in the hope that it will help someone else start a bullet journal if they wanted to.

  • For my bullet journal, I use a dotted paged journal and some Crayola pens. For other decorations, I use washi tape and watercolours.
  • Firstly I have a key- this is just a basis for my lists for the day. I draw a square for a goal and then if completed I fill it in. If half completed I half complete the square. If moved I draw a triangle and when cancelled I draw a line through the whole goal.
  • I then have an opening page for the new year- this just has my name and 2019
  • Next, I have a calendar of the year- Here I circle key dates such as birthdays, holidays and events that I am most excited for in the year.
  • Then I have my new year goals- this is just a simple list of some things I would like to achieve in 2019 and next to it I have an inspirational quote.
  • After that, I have a little opening page for January which also includes my theme for the month, space!
  • For the next couple of pages, I have my monthly calendar and my habit tracker for the month along with my monthly goals and another little quote.
  • For all the pages after that, I have my weekly spreads inspired by many pictures of off Pinterest.

I hope that this will keep me more productive and help me not stay behind on my blog posts.

On my Pinterest, there is a board of some inspirational Bullet journal ideas that I hope will inspire you just as it did me.



Author: Reality Behind Results

I have just started my GCSEs and I am about to embark on one of the scariest journeys of my life, come and join me as I go through years 10 and 11, documenting my thoughts and feelings.

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