Photography vs Geography

If there was one thing that I struggled with last year the most, it has to be choices. I had all my choices under control, I was going to pick textiles, photography, and history. But then I got a good mark with my geography test and I began to have doubts. I absolutely loved textiles and there was no way I could give that up, especially if I wanted to have that as another career path. But I had recently taken an interest in photography and even saved up and bought a camera. However, what if I did badly in my history.

I need a good humanity mark (history or geography) and I had always loved history ever since I was little and would watch Horrible Histories back to back, but what if I failed, at least if I did Geography as well maybe one of them would have a good mark. In the end, I swapped it for photography and had to push past all those doubts. My theory was that when I was older I could take up photography again maybe as a course, and for now just do it as a hobby.

Now I’m in year 10, photography students are everywhere and I am again starting to doubt my choices. It feels like everyone is doing the course and I even know someone who is swapping to that course.  I can’t change now, especially since I have had such a good start on my other subjects, changing would mess up my lessons and timetable. I just really wish that we could do more GCSEs, although that would probably be more pressure. Maybe they should have more clubs.

They had a photography club last year which I joined, but I don’t think that they will do it this year, or if they do It will be for the lower key stage. To be honest, if they had any art club I would probably join, I loved doing art, I just wouldn’t want to do it as a GCSE because then I feel like there would be more pressure on it to look good. Also, I probably wouldn’t consider myself as that good of an artist to do it as a career, it just would have been nice to be able to go and spend time in the art room since only the people who are doing it as a GCSE are allowed in there.

I guess just over the week I have been feeling a little down about my options, and maybe a little jealous of other people’s, I think I am just going to try and dedicate more of my free time to go out and take some pictures with my camera and edit them and also start drawing to take my mind off of it.