What I love about Revision… well I guess my favourite thing must be the colours and pretty notes. That’s why I wanted to sort out all my notes now instead of rushing around later on trying to organise everything and not actually taking any of it in.

What actually works… well that’s completely up to you. I hate it when you tell someone how you revise and they go “oh no that’s the worst way to revise.” It doesn’t matter unless you’re failing all your tests, then you keep doing that. Your method of revision could fail on everyone else in England but that doesn’t make it bad for you. It doesn’t mean that it will fail on everyone.

Personally, I don’t have a set way of revising. I do a mix of things and most of the time it works. I guess I just love it because it’s nice to go over the things you know and make sure you are completely prepared for a test.

I am currently revising for a History, a Geography, a French and a Maths test which isn’t so fun as I have to mush it all in 2 days, however, I will not lose hope. I have made a timetable and set times for me to do things and as long as I stick to that I should hopefully get it all completed.

Thank you for reading my blog and sorry for posting so late.