I was sat at school, and one of my friends said to me, “Hey, did you know —- has already started their GCSE revision” and I said “No” and then they said, “Yeah well they started it last year, I only started mine in the summer holidays” and that’s when it hit me.

The teachers had always said in the assemblies, “Don’t leave your revision to the last minute” But when is the last minute? So I panicked. I thought that I was really behind everyone else and it just made me panic. Therefore making me go out and by about 8 folders and highlighters and promise myself that I will write up all my notes over the weekend.

I have to admit, it was really nice once I had set out all my folders on my shelves and labelled them and also to know that my notes will be written up soon. I know that I still have ‘loads of time’ but trust me, the past 3 years have flown by and I am not letting that happen with my GCSEs.

However, I had not completely comprehended the amount of writing up I had told myself to do over the weekend and add that to my 7 pieces of homework, 2 tests, not knowing if my books are at home and the family coming round, I very much doubt I will accomplish it, BUT as you all will know from my first post, I won’t give it up without a fight. Here come a few late nights. Wish me luck.

The past few weeks have been a bit stressful. I have had drinks flooding my bag, an open evening which I promised to help out with and trying to keep up with my timetable that I set myself last week… but that does lead me on to my next thing.

I managed to complete my timetable/ to do list…. yay (balloons and confetti) Woop Woop. And I am going to tell you what I used. (That’s right, I’m actually going to say something helpful instead of complaining.) An app that I have really enjoyed using is ‘Wunderlist’ There was something so satisfying with making myself goals and ticking them off, and I really recommend it. It helped me so much and I feel happy even though I had a pond in my bag in the middle of the week. 🙂

I hope you all had an amazing week



First Few Days Back

It’s only my first few days back and I have already received tons of pieces of homework and haven’t stopped hearing “you have started your GCSE’s, are you scared?” We haven’t done a full week because we came in on Wednesday at a later time. Little odd but it’s so the year 7’s get time on their own.

I am so happy I’m not in year 11 yet, the amount of pressure they put on them is unbelievable, I think that the schools are making too much of a drama out of it which is making it more stressful than it should be.

So far I have started my RS, Geography, Textiles, French, Maths, History, English and Science.

My science is separate but everyone in my year is really smart which means that unless I get a really good mark then I can’t do triple science and that’s what I would really want to do and it would help me if I did do it.

The worst thing is that in almost every lesson I have entered they are constantly saying things like, “We used to do coursework but now we don’t and that’s really bad” or “Now the GCSE’s have this which makes it so hard”. I’m not sure about you but I’m pretty sure that’s the last thing you’re supposed to say to a bunch of nervous year 10’s, especially after they give us these high goals that we have to reach.

Everything is terrifying and I can’t say that I am too happy to be back but I guess I just want to get it all over and done with.



The Beginning

Hello, and Welcome.

I am 14 and I am just about to start my GCSE’s.

This Blog is all about how I cope with these next two years. I will be giving my honest thoughts on everything with all the ins and outs. You don’t have to be doing your GCSE’s to read this blog. You can follow me along my journey just to find out about what it’s like now and the realities on how people cope with studying, but if you are going through GCSE’s then you are welcome to steal ideas and techniques that have worked for me along the way. Just think of me as your GCSE guinea pig.

Obviously, I am not a professional, I have never done this before but I know that for me it would have helped to know what I am about to come across and relating to people’s thoughts on things that I have faced.  Also, I wanted to be able to look back on the things I came across and to be able to learn from my mistakes.

First off, there are a few things you must know about me:

  • Marks – I am not the bottom of my classes, but I wouldn’t say that I am the top but really that doesn’t matter. Also, I think that the new marking system is really confusing and every school is different. Therefore when I talk about my marks I am going to mark them based on how happy I am with them because that should be the only thing that matters. For example 5/5 – super happy with what I got.
  • Studying – I study super hard if I want good marks. I am not one of those people who can go into a test with no revision and get 10/10. I need to study, so expect loads of entries with pictures of my revision. I can not say that I have a perfect revision technique but I usually like pretty colourful notes.
  • Future – (I can not predict what I want to do, and although I have an estimation in what I want to do, there might still be changes.) In the future, I would like to go to university and study medicine. I would like to research and find cures.
  • Happiness – I am going, to be honest, I am never really ever happy with my marks. I don’t know what it is but I always feel like I could have done better.
  • Hobbies – I have a few hobbies such as, I play the piano and I am currently working on grade 3. I read constantly, I absolutely love books. I like sewing which is why I am taking textiles.
  • My subjects – The subjects I am taking are: English, Maths, Science, French, RS, History, Geography, French and Textiles.

So now that is all out of the way, I hope you join me on this scary adventure and if you are doing your GCSE’s, Good Luck.